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I need to get a new buckle made for a knight's belt. I would like it to at least look like it belongs in the same era as the Duke Torgul pouch that will be hanging from the belt. I would really like it, if at all possible to have a eagle on it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to Antirian craftsmen that I could approach about commissioning something? I had looked at the stuff available on the web, including the place that bought all of Torgul's plates, but I would like something more of a personal connection, considering who the belt is for......

My other thought is to have two made, one for a fighting belt and one for a "Dress Belt" but I would still like them both to be more personalized......
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I rode the bus to work this morning with her......I was afraid to say anything but I was pretty sure I recognized her. Lo and Behold a picture was posted with her on her way to June Faire!

The SCA is everywhere........
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so I get entered into our company drawing..... is celebrating 10 Gorgeous years online with 20% off any order, May 20th-22nd. Place your order now through 11.59pm, pst FRIDAY, 5/22. Click to shop:

Baby Garb

Feb. 25th, 2009 10:52 am
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Anyone know of any boy appropriate garb floating around out there that we could use until my to-do pile shrinks? Bean is wearing approximately 12-16 month stuff. I am hoping I can at least churn out a tunic for him before Aquaterra's Good Yule.

Speaking of Yule, who out there is going?

My Thanks

Feb. 22nd, 2009 07:26 pm
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to whoever passed along the message that I was looking for Duke Steingrim.
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Can someone please send me His Grace's contact info? Or pass along that I would like to get in touch with him?

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So this pic was posted on sca_garb. I have shamelessly swiped it to ask a question. Would this idea fall into the same category as Skapti's coat that Mistress Ariel did such a wonderful job on? I wish I had a pic of it.... Really kinda cool looking, but not documentable? I think the Celt in me finds the embellishment irresistable.......

I am Done!

Dec. 27th, 2008 08:47 pm
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After a year of trials and tribulation....feverishly working on, then neglecting......being inspired and then dreading....some lessons learned and some blood drawn.....the blanket project is done and ready to be given to the recipient......

Whew. Pics to be posted after delivery......
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So I got my package a couple of days ago, and now I have a cozy wool hat I have been wearing....but I don't have a clue as to who sent it to me! I don't know if I missed the tag or what, but if you are someone on my friends list, thank you! It was postmarked Salem...........
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This is from Skeggi and Skapti's Squire Mei.

Anyway, I break the silence because I am in a little trouble: I have very foolishly left a final project for a psych class for the very last minute and desperately need participants! I was wondering if you would be willing to help me? The psych study is about lying and one's ability to detect lies and involves watching some videos and trying to figure out when they are lying. It should take less than a half hour. If you would like to take it / encourage/blackmail anyone you know to take it, it would be really helpful!! If you are busy though, no worries.

If anyone can help, please do. If anyone wants to repost in their journal with a wider audience, yes please!
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My mom finally called me and made a Christmas request. She put my grandmother's Christmas quilt on her bed and would really like some pillow cases to go with it. So at lunch I went all over Bellevue Square and found....nothing. I plan to go to Linens and Things and Bed, Bath and Beyond tonight. If I don't find anything I will pick up some plain white ones and then head to JoAnn Fabrics and buy some fabric to trim them with. Shouldn't take long to make something. I will probably spend way more time in traffic than anything else.

I was just looking forward to not having anything to do tomorrow, as I might not make it out of bed. Yesterday was my first session with a personal trainer. My abs, legs and glutes woke me up this morning demanding to know what the hell I was thinking to torture them like that. I just keep telling them Ursalmas is coming. My upper body strength is doing pretty well. My endurance is crap and cardio is a top priority.
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The crane that collapsed in Bellevue last night is right across the street from us... The building in the right side of the frame is the one I work in. After looking down from our lobby, it is kind of creepy to look out a different side of the building and see two more cranes right next to us.
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You Are 32% Evil

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