Car issues

Sep. 20th, 2006 07:43 am
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The warning light for my brakes wouldn't go off today, and my brakes weren't right, brake fluid level was fine. Guess I am going straight to Midas this afternoon.....Grrrr.

**edited to add**

Just what I always wanted for an early b-day present....New calipers, new brakes, etc.
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I get to spend the afternoon with [ profile] brighidross! How lucky is that?
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Boring stuff about my week.....

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Dec. 1st, 2005 04:43 pm
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Starbucks is having a party downstairs. Free Holiday drinks for everyone. What a good day... I set up the company xmas tree, decorated the office, it is snowing, free peppermint hot chocolate, and I got notified that my car loan was approved.....

Just to prove what a geek I can be, having studied snow science at Avalanche school, the snowflake pictured is a Sectored Plate, or a P1d, depending on which classification you use. This is NOT what is falling outside at the moment. What we have here in Bellevue are Rimed crystals quickly turning into graupel(soft hail) =)
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The company I have been temping for just interviewed me for an investment coordinator position. They asked me to apply. We decided that while I could do the job, it might not be the best fit for me. I am still very flattered that they asked me though. The HR people are going to see what they can do for me, there a lot of Admin jobs that will be opening up soon, so they might be able to find something for me to do in the meantime. Even if nothing happens now, it has been really nice to have a company like them tell me that they want to find a way to hang on to me. This company has a record of finding people they like and giving them an opportunity to learn and advance. It is a boost I needed.
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So today is my 35th Birthday. I have gone back and forth from ignoring it to being quite cranky about it. I am not usually twitchy about my age, but 35 is such a cut off. Suddenly I am in another age bracket. I know it is silly, but there were so many things I assumed I would have done by now. Life is what happens while you are making plans, but I still feel as though I am running behind schedule.

I get to go out to dinner tonight, and I have a pretty quiet day planned until then. Should be pretty good.
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I trying to get myself into a more regular schedule, so I am up, dressed, fed, so is Arrow, and just getting ready to log into an e-learning site provided by the temp agency. I plan to start building my Excel skills and I need to get my typing speed up.

The other goal for the day is to fill out the application I just got for a court clerk position for King County. I would love to get into a government position. The benefits would be wonderful.
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Well, I just got home from being laid off. I am a little down about it, but not as much as I would have thought. I have some experience now, and it ended pretty well. Tim really needs someone who can be both or either an office manager and paralegal. I was in over my head trying to learn how to be both, and I knew it. He can't really afford to be training me and dealing with all the upheaval his firm has gone through, and will be going through for a while.

I got some severance pay, I am going to go deal with my taxes today. I have a couple of leads on possible positions. I am going to get my stuff together today, and dig into the job hunt tomorrow. Now that I have something on my references, maybe not only regular employers, but the temp agencies will take me a little more seriously now.

At least I won't be eating tums by the handful anymore. Not a stomach ache all weekend, which was fun up at Coronet BTW, and then it started hurting on the way in this morning, it is all gone now....
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I just finished it on my lunch break. I don't know if I like it or not yet. I might have to reread it. Grump. If reading is supposed to evoke feeling, it definitely did. At least I was not repulsed by Harry being a whiny teenager, no matter how realistic that may have been in the last one. Grump, grump. Wanna borrow it now, Tash? I need to leave it alone for a while.


Jun. 24th, 2005 06:53 pm
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I am tired, nuf said. . . .
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Interesting day. I finally have a job after looking for two months. Thanks to Morag, I am going to be working at Central Market as a bookkeeper. It is just a part-time job, but I will be getting health benefits again, which means I can start fighting again. I am really excited about that. I have been working on my conditioning, so hopefully I won't suck too much once I am back in armour again. Now I have to start fixing stuff. Tash and I talked about setting goals for myself, so I plan to hook up with Andy and get a plan together for my training. I don't plan to attend many events this season, but there are plenty of people to work with around here. I have been slacking for too long. I know, REAL LIFE takes priority, but still.
As for the job, it will be early mornings again, 6:30-3:00pm, 3-4 days a week. They are also going to try and get me cross-trained in another department so I can pick up extra shifts. The money is lower than I expected, but the experience should outweigh it. They know I plan to work as a paralegal, and that this job is to help me get office experience, which I need badly. I plan to do volunteer work at a legal clinic, and work with WSPA(Washington State Paralegal Association)too. Everyone keeps telling me it is all about networking, and it is who you know that gets you the job. I am going to keep applying at every opportunity as well.
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